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Name:Jonny Blair


Joined:Jul 24, 2014

My Motivation: I'm a passionate, hard working and Northern Irish long term backpacker. I run a one man walking travel blog to the world, aiming to help others follow in my footsteps as I approach the 100 country mark. 11 years after leaving my hometown and having backpacked through every continent and over 80 countries I am always open to new offers and opportunities. With no set home for the last 5 years or so, I am free to go wherever I choose. The opportunity of a blog swap for another city in the world is highly inspiring and I sure as hell hope I can win and do more than justice to the swap. I update my travel blog and Facebook page every day, having over 1,500 articles on there all from my real travels around the world. I have no time for fakes and wannabes and I'm in it to win it. If you want some passion and real life enthusiasm for travelling the world, check out my site Don't Stop Living ( and live out your own dreams just as I live mine. "I'll see you around", "Don't Stop Living". Best wishes, Jonny Blair

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