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Name:Emily Luxton


Joined:Jul 29, 2014

My Motivation: My blog,, is a travel blog which aims to show that the best time to live your dreams is now. Ever since I was little I loved two things, writing and adventure, and after swapping dreams of Indie-style tomb raiding adventures for more realistic ones of travelling the world and exploring new places, I have wanted to be a travel writer. Somehow, though, a number of wrong choices and a lack of confidence in my writing abilities led me instead to an unwanted photography degree, a series of boring office jobs I hated, and a pile of uni debts which denied me that pre- or post-uni gap year which should have ticked all my adventure boxes. Although still in my twenties, I genuinely felt that the opportunity not only for travel, but for reaching my dream of becoming a writer, had passed me by. Then, for my birthday three years ago, a friend of mine who knew my deepest ambition bought me a book on becoming a travel writer, and suddenly something clicked. It's not too late for me, or anyone else, to travel or to live their dreams. Over the course of three years, I worked as hard as possible to pay off my debts, save some money, and get travelling - as well as working on my writing. I initially set up my travel blog as a way to practice and build a portfolio for my writing, but it fast became a huge part of my life. I'm really passionate about meeting other bloggers and finding out about their travels, and I've explored that passion through a weekly feature I run called Postcard From. Every week, I interview a fellow traveller about a recent trip - which is a great way for me and my readers to meet other bloggers and find out about their travelling style. That feature has taken my blog around the world many more times than I ever could, reaching every continent - even Antarctica! I've also been exploring the world myself, at a much slower pace, and have recently returned to England after a five month trip to South America. Having finally lived my dream of a long term trip exploring the world, I've most definitely caught 'the bug' and I'm already planning my next trip. Making my dreams possible took a lot of hard work and determination, but it's finally paying off; I'm actually making money as a writer, and I'm travelling the world just as I wanted. It just goes to show, all it takes is hard work to make your wishes come true! I want my story to be reflected in my blog and prove to the world that it's never too late to make your dreams a reality.

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